If Quite Frankly Natural was a person

If Quite Frankly Natural was a person, he/she would be well travelled and well read. Quite Frankly Natural doesn’t identify with a particular gender. He/she would be sophisticated, but understated. Their taste in décor and architecture would be minimalist, but their taste in art could be flamboyant and sometimes controversial. They definitely appreciate the finer things in life – a beautiful champagne or a well brewed coffee, but only in moderation with a green juice and a good probiotic. He/she is reserved in nature, tending very much on the introverted spectrum. They would rather observe, study and analyse before revealing the deeper and quirkier aspects of their character. When necessity calls, he/she would not hesitate to confront and address conflict head-on. There is at times a temper when a sense of injustice or dishonesty is perceptible. The goal is always perfection and he/she will never stop studying, exploring, challenging and working to be the best version of themselves.

– Ms Marsh, Founder, Quite Frankly Natural

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