Our Ethos

Our Ethos

Luxurious alone isn’t good enough. Natural alone isn’t potent enough. Nice to meet you – I’m Quite Frankly Natural.

The Brand

About Quite Frankly Natural
Quite Frankly Natural is the result of Founder Samantha Marsh’s youthful obsession with luxury brands and her adult-acquired education into Health Science.
Combining – at no cost spared – the finest available natural ingredients with the most advanced developments in botanical chemistry, Quite Frankly Natural pushes the boundaries of natural beauty beyond past limitations.
Packaged in décor-enhancing bottles, Quite Frankly Natural promises to elevate the conscious consumers’ bathroom experience to new heights with its eco-luxe range of skin care, hair care and mineral makeup.
Quite frankly, there’s no other brand like it.
Vegan. Organic. Cruelty-free. Australian-made.

Brand Values
1. Luxurious; Everything about Quite Frankly Natural products is luxurious, from the packaging and presentation, the velvety soft formulation textures to the expensive hand-picked ingredients like colloidal silver, frankincense and Australian sandalwood.
2. Natural; The name tells the truth, we’re quite frankly, natural. There is zero green-washing. We appeal to the most health-conscious of customers, using only natural or organic ingredients with the highest integrity. We encourage customers to look up each and every ingredient.
3. Effective; Our unique formulations speak for all skin types, delivering softer, smoother, healthier and more youthful looking skin and hair.

The Founder and Creator


A Natural Progression
Samantha Marsh found her way to luxurious “outer beauty” products via her studies into internal health.

While studying a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine, Ms Marsh became fanatical about reading food labels.

It was a natural progression that she began to put ingredient lists under the microscope of the luxury beauty brands she once adored.

“I was shocked to learn that while some of the big beauty companies I once supported would be supporting breast cancer charities in one breath, while in the other breath transdermally distributing the very carcinogens that caused cancer,” Ms Marsh said.

“I’d mistaken beautiful packaging and prestigious branding for quality and I literally felt the rug had been pulled from beneath my feet.”

“I couldn’t look at my once loved European beauty brands and perfumes in the same way.”

Ms Marsh then undertook additional study into natural product formulations as she set out to create a range that ticked three key boxes; it had to be luxurious, completely natural and effective.

Initially, Ms Marsh began her research by identifying the key high-efficacy ingredients contained within beauty products and finding natural alternatives in order to produce a range of skin care, hair care and mineral make-up.

“I have alternative ingredients to SLSs and SLESs that still allow our cleanser to foam, I found plant-based and natural alternatives to endocrine-disrupting preservatives, I retreated to essential oils to create sophisticated, yet natural scents and I worked with a combination of gorgeous oils to replace the velvety smoothness of silicone, which clogs pores,” she said.

“Growing up, I spent a lot of my time with my grandmother who migrated from Poland and was a great advocate for natural remedies and was always making elixirs for our ailments, so I already had the seeds of interest in health.”

“I know I really stretched and challenged my compounders, but I know Quite Frankly Natural formulations are exceptional, unique and deliver on their promises.”

“There’s absolutely no green-washing in any of our marketing material – each and every ingredient is natural and serves a purpose.”

“Just as our name suggests, we’re upfront and transparent, in fact, we actively encourage customers to look up our ingredients.”

But Ms Marsh did not stop once she’d perfected the formulations, she was determined to also recreate a luxurious beauty experience – an essential part of which included, beauty shelf-worthy packaging.

“I spent a year in Italy living near Cinque Terre during my late teens and it left its mark in the form of my appreciation for all things beautiful,” she explained.
“I wanted to keep the beauty in my beauty products, as ultimately my customers are both conscious and stylish.”

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