High performance, luxury, clean skincare and makeup.

Revolutionising clean beauty since 2012. Australian made and cruelty free.

High performance, luxury, clean skincare and makeup.

Revolutionising clean beauty since 2012. Australian made and cruelty free.

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Dear Quite Frankly Natural,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the best mineral makeup. My skin would always break out whenever I used any sort of makeup, foundation or other brands of so-called mineral makeup! I was about to give up on makeup completely and I just didn’t understand because mineral makeup is supposed to be “good” for your skin, everything I tried until now made my skin break out and made my pimples worse! Quite frankly, your makeup is exactly what you say it is… pure mineral makeup! It’s actually improved my skin and I’ve even slept in it, no break outs!

I love it!

Hey lovely! I wanted to let you know that I received your balance cleanser and moisturiser on Wednesday night and have been using both products morning and night ever since.

I purchased your range because I’ve always had great skin, but recently have broken out like crazy (hormonal change going into my 30s) and my current skincare wasn’t cutting it (a 5-product regime morning and night) and I wanted to go all natural. I’d also been taking colloidal silver every morning about a week before I purchased your skincare, BUT…. the results from Wednesday until now are so dramatic….

Excuse the facials but I am so impressed thanks so much! Such amazing results 😍 honestly, thank you!

Hi Samantha,
Following our quick phone conversation – I’d like to once again commend you on your beautiful products!  It is a real winner! Being a 40+ lady, with pigmentation and scarring from teenage years, I have really seen an improvement in my skin since using your products.  My pores are more refined, my skin texture is more supple and looking more nourished.  I am definitely recommending your products to Acne Prone skins and anyone who wants a top notch – value for money product!

Well done on a beautiful range!

Morning Sam,

Just wanted to start off by saying that I love the cleanser! Not only do I love the way it feels but I have already seen a difference from the samples you sent, which is crazy and something I did not expect from a small trial at all! First I noticed that my dry skin and scabs (sorry for the visual) were very gently peeling and rolling off making my skin appear smoother, but then I was applying my make up this morning and noticed that my pores have shrunk. I didn’t even buy the cleanser thinking it would do this but I have been worried about my pores for months now. Very happy with this result!

I was given the daily foaming cleanser (facial balancing) for birthday present 1 year ago. I gave it a try. I didn’t have anything to lose. After 15 days of daily usage morning and night, the difference on my face started being obvious. After a month of using it, my skin looked so clean. I stopped using makeup. I stopped hiding my face. I feel self esteem again. With combination of the face perfecting cream my pores are clean. I don’t have breakouts anymore. I am so happy that Quite Frankly came in my life. If I could give 10 stars, I would. I quite frankly thank you! <3

Having worked in traditional beauty for 13 years and holistic beauty for the last 5 years, I have seen and worked with SO many product lines. I have acquired in-depth knowledge of the skin and the nutrients needed for specific skin concerns, I am constantly looking for products that deliver quality without the toxins. Quite Frankly DELIVERS! Their products deliver excellent results and their products are far more superior to any of the other brand names I have used over my extensive career as a facialist. I never sell anything I don’t use on myself and I fell in love with this range.

Samantha is down to earth, extremely professional and always supporting me in my business.